Dota Meta Update 7.36


Dota Patch Notes – 7.36 (

Innate Abilities:

Innates are abilities that are present on the hero for the entire game, from the very beginning of every match. Every hero has a unique Innate.

Hero facets:

Facets are a hero customization choice that provide the ability to better align the playstyle of a hero with a specific match or player preference. Facets are specific to heroes: Each hero has at least two Facets, and every player can choose the Facet they prefer during strategy time at the beginning of each match.

So time to login and get mad at SEA server now!

Installing Solar Got Rebate Now

Malaysian gov now gives (up to) RM4000 rebate for solar installation, under the SolaRIS Scheme. It is Solar for Rakyat Incentive Scheme (SolaRIS) from gov to us Malaysians to install solars in our homes.

The said rebate is roughly RM1,000/kWac (kilowatt of electric power, alternation current) through registration from NEM Programme (Net Energy Metering). Just go to SEDA website to check it out more. This is until 31st Dec 2024 so far.

I guess the sun now gives back, ya?

Whatsapp New Text Formats

As in feb2024, whatsapp enrolls a few more formatting for texts officially.

This includes numbering (including numbered lists) , inline quote, and block quote. all you have to do is type between these phrases:

This formats is now live for ios and android.

Try it out guys!

Xiaomi SU7 EV Car

Who knows that a major phone company from China can make a faster car, (claimed) faster than the Porsche Taycan. Dual motor all-wheel drive EV with 664hp on it 73.6kwH and 101kwH battery. In layman terms, its like 670km of normal driving, or 800km on the bigger battery one.

Dual motor rear-wheel is for the SU7 and all-wheel drive is the SU7 Max. If you like tech, and you like fast cars then these cars is another round of options to have a look at.

Hopefully price is affordable.

Kay, selamat menjamu 2024.

Astro 5 channel free in Januari 2024

Astro has announced that it will be starting the new year by offering its customers complimentary limited-time access to six channels, which includes a free preview of its new HITS NOW (CH702). The other channels include HBO Hits (CH415), HBO Family (CH414), Showcase (CH413), K-Plus (CH396), and Moonbug (CH6118).

The access to these channels will only be available starting from 1 January 2024 until 31 March 2024, except HITS NOW (ch702) which starts 10 Jan to 11 March.

Ada lagi tu diskaun 30% untuk langganan, bole cek sendiri di website diorang